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SPRING 2025 applications are open.

Limited spots available!!! 


With the Volleyball program, students must choose a minimum of 12 credits from our range of academic courses during a regular semester (spring or fall). We offer courses in Spanish language, Spanish culture, Liberal Arts and Business among other areas of study. Alongside their studies, they join a local Sevillian volleyball team, for weekly training sessions, and competition throughout the term. Due to the volleyball seasons in the US, we offer our Volleyball program to only female athletes in the Spring term and only male athletes in the Fall term. 

To learn more about the different academic programs that we offer through the fall/spring please visit our website here. 



Students must be playing volleyball on their varsity team back at their home university or at a club. 



Fall Terms (Men) & Spring (Women)

$495 (This is an additional cost to the overall program cost. Tuition and fees still apply)

Cost includes:

  • Joining Spanish team
  • 3 weekly practices
  • Weekly matches  
  • Team jersey
  • Gym membership

Please note: students have the option of joining team if the Spanish coach decides to and competing with the team.

Fall term: September 17  - Mid December 15, 2024 (Only male)
Spring term: Beg February  - Beg. May, 2025 (Only female)

Limited spots available to join women's team!!!

Please note: contact program manager, Sean Chipres, to start your application at seanrc@saiie.com 




If you do not see your question listed here please contact us


Where will I compete and practice, and at what level?
SAIIE has reach agreements with local volleyball Spanish teams that compete in the second national Spanish Championship.

When do the training sessions take place?
Trainings will be held in the evenings and usually go for 2 hours.

How many training sessions take place each week?
Teams train 3 days a week. Our students will have the choice of only training twice a week if they have a weekend trip schedule.

Are the trainings held in Spanish?
Yes. You will be training with Spaniards, on a Spanish team, with Spanish coaches. This is an important aspect of the cultural immersion part of the program, as you will be surrounded by native Spanish speakers in a Spanish speaking environment which gives you a great opportunity to practice the language. However, on the team there's always some teammates that can speak some English, if its the case you don't understand an instruction from the coach.

How many American players will there be on a team?
Each term, a maximum of 4 female and 3 male student athletes are allowed to play on each team

What age are the players on the team?
The age of the players is between 18 and 25 years old (approx.).
One of the clubs we work with has 2 women teams. One is called junior where all the players range between 18-20 years old and the other one is the senior team where the players that play are older. Students within the junior age will have the option to practice with the junior team or senior team.

How far are the training grounds?
All training facilities are no further than a 20 min. metro ride or 40 min. bus ride.

How much money will I need for transportation to and from trainings throughout the semester?
Approximately $80.

Will I get to play matches?
You will join the team and you will be eligible to play throughout your study abroad experience on the team. Team plays almost every weekend.




"My volleyball experience in Spain was one of a kind. It was a whole different experience since I was able to learn more about their differences in plays. The language barrier made it a little hard but it still pushed me to learn more about the language."

Necole Stravino



"I highly recommend the volleyball program with SAIIE. I really enjoyed playing in Spain and getting to know the girls on the team. They were so welcoming"

Emily Kane
Davidson College