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To begin the application process to our SAIIE study abroad program, please contact Ms. Nina Elskamp at Education Abroad Office at UW-Platteville:

Nina Elskamp
Exchange Coordinator | International Programs

Nina will help you with your application process to our study abroad program.


If you have any problems contacting the Education Abroad office at UW-Platteville you can contact the Program Manager at SAIIE, Mr. Sean Chipres, via email at: for any questions.

Interested students should apply as soon as they have determined that the program will meet their personal and academic goals. Qualified candidates are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Notification of acceptance is sent approximately 10 days after all application materials have been received.


Application Deadlines

Term Abroad App. Cycle Opens App. Deadline  
Winterim April 1 November 1
Spring Semester April 1 October 15 
Summer Session I Oct. 1 April 15 
Summer Session II Oct. 1 April 15 
Summer Sessions I & II Oct. 1 April 15 
Fall Semester Oct. 1 April 15  
Academic Year Oct. 1 April 15  

Missed the Deadline? 
Please contact the SAIIE Resident Director, Mr. Stuart Chipres at 

NOTE: Passport processing times are now approximately 12-16 weeks.
APPLY EARLY and/or expedite your passport application in order to meet visa application deadlines.


Program requirements:

  • A student must have at least sophomore standing at the time of participation.
  • A student must have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA (semester applicants)* or 2.25 GPA (winterim or summer applicants)**
  • A student must be in good academic standing at the time of participation.
  • No prior knowledge of Spanish is required except for the Intensive Spanish Language program where a student must have 2-3 years of high-school Spanish or 1 semester college – level Spanish. 

*If your GPA is below 2.5, you are not automatically disqualified from studying abroad. Please contact the SAIIE Resident Director, Mr. Stuart Chipres at for more information.




To begin your application to the Gap Year or High School Programs, please contact the Program Manager at SAIIE, Mr. Sean Chipres:

Sean Chipres
Program Manager
Phone: +34.954.22.23.04

Sean will help you with your application to our High School or Gap Year Program.


Application Deadlines 

Term Abroad                       Application Cycle Opens                 Application Deadline         
HS Summer Session I October 1 April 15 
HS Summer Session II October 1 April 15 
HS Summer Session I & II October 1 April 15 
Gap Year October 1 April 15