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Welcome to SAIIE

The Spanish-American Institute of International Education (SAIIE) was founded in 1984 and has been hosting the study abroad program for UW-Platteville ever since.

SAIIE´s Mission

SAIIE´s Mission

The mission of SAIIE is to offer US College students a high quality study abroad program in Seville, Spain at an affordable price.



SAIIE is one of the pioneering programs in Seville, Spain. Our aim is to introduce you to Spanish life and expose then first hand to Spanish culture.

Studying abroad in Sevilla Spain through SAIIE has been one of the best experiences of my life. Being fully immersed in the Spanish culture from day one until the day I got on the plane to come home, really changed my view of the world ... read more

 Taylor McAuliffe
High Point University

staff Stuart

Dear students,

In light of the recent and tragic events that happened a few weeks back In Paris, I feel obligated to share this letter with you all.

First and most important, my thoughts and prayers go out to all victims of such an atrocity. I am prouder than ever to witness how Europe as a whole is showing support, strength and respect towards our French neighbors.

And second, at SAIIE your safety is our main concern. I myself understand 100% what you may be going through along with your family and friends about your semesters soon to begin.

Let me assure you that everyone in Seville, Spain and Europe has decided to continue living normally. We are not giving in to fear, the real weapon of the terrorist.

SAIIE provides all our students a 24/7 service for safety and emergency situations. Our staff is qualified and ready to handle questions that may come from your parents or friends.




SAIIE is very excited to announce another Financial Aid opportunity!  We are offering another new scholarship in addition to our SAIIE Student Athlete Scholarship, which is the SAIIE Academic Scholarship



SAIIE is very happy to announce its new scholarship, specifically for student athletes participating in our SAIIE Sports Programs!  You can find all the information you need about our new SAIIE Student Athlete Scholarship on our Financial Aid page on our website.